How to apply…. 
The Virginia Lifespan Respite Voucher Program is funded through a federal grant awarded to the Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) from the federal Department of Health and Human Services, Administration on Aging –Office of Home and Community Based Services.  The Virginia Lifespan Respite Voucher Program provides reimbursement vouchers to home-based caregivers for the cost of temporary, short-term respite care provided to individuals of any age with a disability or special need (infants, children and adults, including elderly persons).  

Individuals eligible to apply for voucher funding through the Virginia Lifespan Respite Voucher Program include Virginia caregivers of children or adults who reside in the same household as the person receiving care.  Voucher funding is limited to a total of $400 per family.  All funds must be expended by July 31, 2013.
Respite funds must be requested by the primary caregiver who resides full time in the same household.  Funds may not be used to reimburse household expenses or daycare; funds must be used to reimburse an individual respite care provider or an organization that provides respite. Due to limited funds, not all eligible applications will be approved.
You can access the application information at the DARS website www.vadars.org/services.htm. The forms are available in word or PDF form (the PDF version allows you to fill in the document on your computer & print off for signature).
·         Here is the link to get started: http://www.vadars.org/services.htm
Look for: Respite Services
Scroll down for the overview on how to apply, the application and caregiver resources and website links.
Questions on the application process can be directed to Kristie Chamberlain,804/662-7154 or 1800/552-5019; Kristie.chamberlain@dars.virginia.gov.  An application packet can also be mailed if access to the internet and a printer is not an option.  
Please share this announcement with everyone you know! And make copies of the packet for those you may run into that could be interested.

The Lifespan Respite Voucher Program Committee:

Mary-Margaret Cash-DARS, Kristie Chamberlain-DARS, Patricia Goodall-DARS, Ellen Nau-DARS, Theresa Preda-DARS, Monica Uhl-Partnership for People with Disabilities at VCU

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SEAC = Special Education Advisory Committee

The major purpose of SEACs is to provide an opportunity for parents and other school board appointees to have a voice in the way school divisions provide services to students with disabilities. SEACs are extensions of local school boards since members are appointed by them, and SEACs provide reports and recommendations to their school boards. http://www.doe.virginia.gov/boe/committees_advisory/special_ed/local_sped_advisory_committees/index.shtml