PRC – Meets with New Head Start parents

Susan and Jessie had the opportunity to meet with over 60 Head Start Parents during their orientation on August 17th at Lewis & Clark Elementary, Madison Elementary, and the Bowling Green site.

Information about the Parent Resource Center was provided which included: Child Find, Special Education Referral, the 3 P’s handout,  and activities for Parent Involvement and Engagement.

Parents were encouraged to be an integral part of their child’s education from Pre-K through High School and to visit the PRC to obtain FREE reinforcement activities to support learning in the classroom.

The nursery rhyme – Hey Diddle Diddle stick puppets  were distributed to door prize winners.


Welcome to a NEW school year!!

New School Year, New Anxieties

A lot of parents look toward the school year with fear and anxiety —  they know there is a good chance their child is going to have problems in the classroom, either behaviorally or academically. For parents of children with ADHD, ODD, or other special needs, this anxiety can be even more severe.

To help ease back-to-school anxiety, be proactive and start developing a good working relationship with your child’s teacher now.

Remember the three P’s when developing a parent/school relationship: Praise, Prevent, and Plan. Part of planning includes bringing up issues prior to an official parent-teacher conference or scheduled meeting. This can help you and the teacher develop a strategic approach to any challenges your child might face.

If you’re full of hope that this year will be different, that’s great! Just try to avoid the “wait and see” approach. When you wait until the teacher is calling you with a problem, it can be more difficult to get on the same page and work on a solution together.

Hang in there; we’re here to help you get through the start of another school year! (Doesn’t time fly?)

(804-633-7083):             Susan & Jessie are here to help YOU!
by Denise Rowden, 1-on-1 Coach